About Us

Our Vision

Iwana Consultancy is a bespoke medical communications agency dedicated to providing comprehensive medical publication services to the healthcare industry. Established with a vision to bridge the communication gap between the pharmaceutical industry, health care practitioners, patients and other stakeholders, Iwana stands out as a unique consultancy offering customized solutions with a highly qualified team comprising of doctors and professionals. We recognized the need for a meticulous understanding of the healthcare industry with respect to communication strategies. Our team that consists of experienced MD’s and PHD doctors deliver accurate, reliable clinical communications and foster medical communications to different stakeholders. We are proficient in research, and publication planning making it easier to navigate through the complexities of healthcare communication.

At IWANA, we are not just forging bonds; we are architects of clinical excellence, building robust and enduring connections within the healthcare realm. Our commitment lies in fostering relationships based on a shared dedication to delivering knowledge, insights, and expertise through the most effective means of communication. We believe in the power of strategic collaboration to elevate healthcare standards and make a lasting impact.​


Our team comprises of highly qualified doctors and Ph.D. medical writers. With a robust scientific acumen, we spearhead medical communications and publication strategy, plan management, and execution of projects. Over 15 years this wealth of therapeutic expertise has ensured precision and excellent service to our clients.

Operating seamlessly across various time zones, our teams excel in meeting publication needs across different geographies. Iwana Consultancy has earned a stellar reputation for delivering high-quality medical writing services. Our professionals bring proven track records in medical subject areas, medical writing, and valuable experience in global operations. We offer global-scale efficiency coupled with local- market responsiveness, ensuring our clients receive unparalleled service on a worldwide scale.

Our Purpose

At IWANA, our purpose is to serve as a dedicated strategic partner to pharmaceutical organizations, medical device companies, Biosciences, and nutraceutical entities. We are committed to advancing medical communications to foster awareness, disseminate crucial health information on products, and promote health literacy, ultimately contributing to the enhancement of human lives.

Our focus extends to forging meaningful connections with physicians embedded within pharmaceutical manufacturing organizations, overseeing the entire spectrum of drug development, orphan drugs, novel drug delivery therapies, and beyond. Through collaborative efforts with healthcare professionals, we ensure the delivery of accurate, reliable clinical communications to patients, the public, and peers, utilizing a range of services to facilitate informed decision-making and improve health outcomes. We strongly believe in delivering as per commitments and maintain our reputation as a world-class service provider.

Our Values


Our reputation signifies our brand. We value every relationship in every transaction, business, and handshake. We deliver against our promise and maintain our reputation as a world-class service provider


We respect individuals of all ethnic backgrounds, religions, and caste to harbor an inclusive environment. We carefully listen to every individual’s voice in all our dealings, be it customers, partners, and employees alike.


We specialize in crafting a wide array of publications essential for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.


We are responsible for fair compensation and working conditions for all our employees. We reward high performance with professional and financial opportunities. Our partners have an opportunity to make a fair profit.


Customers’ orders are always serviced promptly and accurately. We focus on customer satisfaction and exceed customer’s expectations in every transaction.

Team Spirit

Our employees enjoy their work and team spirit is integrated in every task. We have Fun in every undertaking and work toward making the workplace enjoyable. Teamwork and team spirit collectively fuels the growth of our company and its success.


We enrich communities that we serve. We support good works of charity, and believe in giving more than what we have acquired from these communities.

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