Strategic Statistical Consulting

Our team of experienced biostatisticians provides strategic statistical consulting services to guide clients through every stage of their research projects. From study design to data analysis, we offer expert guidance to ensure robust statistical methodologies and meaningful interpretation of results.

Sample Size Calculations

We specialize in sample size calculations tailored to the specific objectives and constraints of each research study. Our meticulous approach considers factors such as desired statistical power, effect size, and anticipated variability to determine optimal sample sizes that enable reliable inference and meaningful conclusions.

Endpoint Development

We collaborate closely with clients to define clear and clinically meaningful endpoints for their research studies. Our expertise in endpoint development ensures that study outcomes are relevant, measurable, and aligned with study objectives, facilitating accurate interpretation and decision-making.

Randomization Schemes

Implementing robust randomization schemes is essential for ensuring unbiased treatment assignment and valid statistical inference in clinical trials. Our biostatisticians design and implement randomization schemes tailored to each study’s unique requirements, optimizing study design and minimizing bias.

Statistical Analysis Plans (SAP)

We develop comprehensive statistical analysis plans (SAPs) that outline the planned statistical methods and procedures for analyzing study data. Our SAPs provide clear guidance on data handling, statistical modeling, and sensitivity analyses, ensuring transparency, reproducibility, and regulatory compliance.

Statistical Analyses and Reports

Our biostatistics team conducts rigorous statistical analyses and generates insightful reports to support evidence-based decision-making and regulatory submissions. Using state-of-the-art statistical techniques and software, we deliver accurate and interpretable results that drive scientific discovery and innovation.

At Iwana, we are committed to delivering exceptional biostatistics services that advance research, improve patient outcomes, and enhance decision-making in healthcare and life sciences. Partner with us to harness the power of biostatistics and drive success in your research endeavors.