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The people behind our cutting edge healthcare consulting

Our team comprises seasoned scientific writers, each bringing a wealth of in depth knowledge and diverse backgrounds to the table. With extensive experience in healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, we understand the intricacies of translating complex information into compelling narratives. Our qualified professionals hold PhD and MD degrees, along with years of experience, ensuring the highest standards of expertise. Whether it’s clinical trial reports, narrative reviews, or strategic publications, our experts are well-versed in delivering content that resonates with different stakeholders. Our team comprises of doctors with an extensive experience in diverse therapeutic areas. We bring a wealth of knowledge to every project, ensuring excellence in execution.

Quality Assurance

At Iwana Consultancy Solutions, quality is non-negotiable. We adhere to rigorous quality control measures to ensure every piece of content meets the highest standards. Our meticulous approach includes thorough checks for accuracy, clarity, and compliance with industry standards.

Agile Team

Our team is flexible, and agile ensuring speedy delivery with very high-quality focus. We emphasize on the client-centric delivery model. We prioritize strict adherence to timelines. We plan in advance so that your medical communication content is delivered on time, ensuring readiness when you need it.

Global Reach

We provide onsite support at major international congresses. This ensures that your research gains the visibility it deserves on a global stage. With an on ground presence in U.S.A., Japan, US, Europe, Middle East, or APAC, our team enhances the impact of your research through strategic engagement.

Strategic Approach

Your scientific contributions deserve a unique approach to maximize their impact. Our tailored solutions are designed to meet your requirements, elevate your product visibility for the target audience. From gap analysis to comprehensive planning, we work closely with you to identify your requirements, align medical communications and publications with your organizational objectives. We also have strategic partnerships with small and large pharmaceutical companies globally.